Parioca is a Rio de Janeiro based brand of original swimming trunks made with irreverent prints and a bold sense of humour. Our inspiration in contemporary Brazilian beach culture flirts with playful cheeky imagery and brings out the urge for endless summers. Our simple cut and smooth fit are decadently easy just like a day at the beach should be.

   The name Parioca was inspired by two emblematic cultures; that of Cariocas and that of Parisians. From the French we took our seductive personality, from Rio our natural self-confidence and from this unexpected mashup our sassy summer character was born. With Parioca we are doing more than providing stylish swimwear, we are promoting a lifestyle and shaping an attitude.

   What else can we say? Samba and a mysterious je ne sais quoi run in our veins, so it’s no surprise that we know that the best way to enjoy life is on the beach. So make sure to always have a pair of Parioca next to you and have a hell of a good time.


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